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DIY Paper Bag


When it comes to DIY at home or crafting do you ever think about it being “green” or eco friendly?

Since doing my #30daysgreener campaign last year it’s something I’ve become very conscious of and I’m trying really hard to not use glue guns and spray paint in particular. I’m not saying I’ll never ever use them again (now that would be silly) but I’m really going to try not and cut down on them to start and maybe eliminate them altogether. 🙌

So if you feel like joining me with some eco DIYs use the hashtag #ecodiyers and let’s MAKE things that are good for our planet 🍀🌱🌿🌱

The bag in the pic is made from an old Penney’s (aka Primark) bag. There’s no glue, sellotape or staples used to hold it together.

All you need to make this bag is:

  • An old paper shopping bag
  • A scissors
  • Some string or ribbon
  • A hole punch
  1. Start by cutting a rectangle shape from the bag.  Doesn’t matter what size it is as long as it’s a rectangle.
  2. Then, following the video make the folds as shown.
  3. Using your hole punch, punch holes in the top of the bag and thread string through for handles.
  4. That’s it! You’ve made yourself a bag.

If you are thinking of using it for a gift bag why not make a gift bow out of scrap fabric (the same technique can be used with paper too).  Check out the video below

And if you want to take your bag making up a notch but still “keep it green” check out this technique for making a gift bag with a gussett from newspaper and how to wrap your presents using Furoshiki.

I hope you like these DIYs.  If you have any suggestions for furture #ecodiyers tutorials comment below.







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