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DIY Plant Hanger

It’s hard not to open instagram or a magazine nowadays without a hanging plant in site, especially in these macrame plant hangers.  For some reason I’ve found it really hard to find some to buy so I decided to make my own, of course!  This is a cheats version, no fancy macrame knots required.  If you can plait your hair you can make this.  Promise!

If you don’t fancy doing the DIY I found these similar ones for sale online.  I like this one from Urban Outfitters, €35


or this from Not on the High Street €21.80


Or if you do want to DIY it and make multiple ones for a fraction of the price, grab yourself some string and a scissors and let’s get making.   I bought this large ball of jute string from B&Q

Start by cutting 9 lengths of string each measuring 120 inches long and one length of string 12 inches long.   With the shorter length, create a hoop by tying a not in it.

Thread the long lengths of string through the loop, making sure they are even either side.  (This loop will be at the top of the hanger)


Separate the string into three sections with 6 strands in each section

Plait each section until they each measure 14 inches and tie a knot at the end.  Make sure the knots align

Measure down from the knots 6 inches and create another knot.  Do this for each section.

Then separate each section in two.  You should now have 6 sections with three strands of string in each.  Measure 6 inches down and tie a knot.  It should look like this.

Now gather all the strings together and tie one large knot.  Trim the ends

Now sit your pot into the hanger, hang it up, stand back and admire your handy work.


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