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Easy Sew Easter Tree Bunny

Hello everyone!  I can’t believe this time last year the cottage was buzzing with little stitchers at Easter Sewing Camp.  I’m missing it so much this year, the cottage and the camps!  I’ve decided rather than miss out I would share some of the Easter projects we have made over the last few years.  I’ll share a video tutorial each day at 3pm (Ireland time).  I feel like the chefs cooking on location as I’m crafting on location here in Malaysia and having to make do with limited supplies.  But I know lots of you are staying home and having to do the same so I will be sharing lots of ideas on things you can use that you already have.

 Ready?  Let’s get stitching!

I’m starting things off with this easy and quick to sew Easter Tree Bunny.  They are really popular at Easter camp as they are quick to hand sew for little stitchers who get bored quickly.  Detailed instructions below or you can view the video here.


You will need the following to make your bunny:

  • Bunny pattern, available to dowload here.
  • Fabric (If you are at home why not go through your wardrobe and use fabric from old clothes or a cotton pillow case)
  • Needle and thread
  • Stuffing (If you don’t have any you can use stuffing from an old cushion or stuff with cotton wool)
  • Scissors (Use one for paper and one for fabric, never both!)
  • Ribbon is optional (If like me you have none go through your wardrobe and cut the ribbons out of your clothes, used for hanging)
  • Embroidery thread for the eyes and nose or you could use a black marker.



How to:

  • Print and cut out the bunny pattern.
  • Put two squares of fabric right sides together (Take a look at this video if this doesn’t make sense)
  • Place the paper pattern on top and trace around it with a pencil
  • Thread your needle and start sewing a neat backstitch all around the bunny, making sure to leave the gap at the bottom.
  • When you have sewn it up trim the excess fabric outside the stitches, making sure not to cut your stitches and snip into the seams (Take a look at this video if this doesn’t make sense)  This gives a better shape and finish to your bunny.
  • Turn the bunny out through the gap you left and start stuffing.  Stuff with small pieces of stuffing at a time using a pencil to push it up through the ears.
  • Once it’s all stuffed sew up the gap at the bottom.

  • You can embroider the eyes and nose if you have embroidery thread or you can use a sharpie pen to draw them on.
  • If you have ribbon you can give the bunny a bow.
  • Why not make a few and create your own handmade Easter Tree and decorate it with your handmade bunnies?I’d love to see what you make.  If you share pictures on social media use #artycraftytime or tag me @michellemadethis.

Stay safe everyone!

I’ll be back again tomorrow at 3pm with a cute Easter bird tutorial for you.


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