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Easy Sew Fabric Bird

This is a super easy sewing project for beginners or advanced stitchers!  Great for using scraps of fabric.


You will need the following to make your bunny:

  • Bird pattern, available to dowload here.
  • Fabric (If you are at home why not go through your wardrobe and use fabric from old clothes or a cotton pillow case) I used stripey fabric for the bird and floral for the wings.  I used a scrap of calico for the beak.  If you have red or orange felt this would work better.
  • Needle and thread
  • Stuffing (If you don’t have any you can use stuffing from an old cushion or stuff with cotton wool)
  • Scissors (Use one for paper and one for fabric, never both!)
  • Ribbon is optional (If like me you have none go through your wardrobe and cut the ribbons out of your clothes, used for hanging)
  • Embroidery thread for the eyes and nose or you could use a black marker.

How to

  • Print and cut out the bird pattern.
  • Put two squares of  the stripey fabric right sides together (Take a look at this video if this doesn’t make sense) and trace the bird pattern onto it.
  • Do the same with the floral fabric for the wings.
  • Thread your needle and start sewing a neat backstitch all around the bird and the wings, making sure to leave the openings.
  • When you have sewn them up trim the excess fabric, making sure not to cut your stitches and snip into the seams (Take a look at this video if this doesn’t make sense)  This gives a better shape and finish to your bird.
  • Turn the bird out through the gap you left and start stuffing.  Stuff with small pieces of stuffing at a time using a pencil to push it up through the ears.
  • No need to stuff the wings, just sew up the opening.
  • Once the bird is stuffed sew up the opening and attach the wing.
  • Finally cut a diamon shape out of the fabric for the beak and stitch in place.
  • Draw the eye with a black felt tip pen.
  • Use some emboidery thread or ribbon to make a hanging loop so you can hang it on your Easter Tree.

Why not make a few and create your own handmade Easter Tree and decorate it with your handmade birds? I’d love to see what you make.  If you share pictures on social media use #artycraftytime or tag me @michellemadethis.

Stay safe everyone x

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