Feeling Festive

Halloween is over so I feel I can go all out now!
I’ve been holding back, ever so slightly but after a trip to the shops yesterday and seeing all the windows decorated in all things festive I thought I’d do the same.

So my facebook page has had a makeover and a new festive banner applied.  What do you think?  Do you think its too early or are you with me and feeling festive for weeks … ok months!!  

I think when you do what I do i.e. my business is making and selling crafts you just have to start early.  I started in July!
However, this year I got a little bit more into Halloween and had a few decorations.  I think because I don’t have kids it’s taken me longer to get into it, however I have noticed it growing more and more in popularity each year here in Ireland.  
I started with a few skeletons hung outside (cheap as chips from the local two euro shop) 
Then I made a quick wreath.   
I’ve been making wreaths for Christmas so I had them sitting on the table and found the banner as a free download online. (sorry can’t remember where!?)  The plastic rats were two euro for a packet (again in the two euro shop) and the hessian, rafia and ribbon I had at home.  
I didn’t stop there.
I then decided to make a lampshade.  I had planned to cut out black felt silhouettes and stitch to the lampshade but I started sketching out on the shade where to position them and decided to colour it in and voila … this is what I ended up with. 

I love when things like this happen from an accident.  It looks really well lit up.

So I think the Halloween bug has hit me.  Looking forward to next year as I’ve seen loads of great things online, especially on pinterest!!
But Halloween is over now and the Festive Fever has struck!

I have been sketching and stitching for days and weeks getting ready for festive fairs.
The first one I’ll be doing is Thursday November 28th in Athlone Springs Hotel (more details here)  This is part of a Cookery Demonstration with Irish celebrity chef Neven Maguire.  The tickets are already sold out so I’m hoping it will be a good night sales wise. 
I will have lots of cushions, decorations, cards and of course my cookie plates, which are hugely popular on the night.
If you can’t get to the event you can order plates via my etsy shop.
That’s all for now folks!
Have a super Sunday and chat soon x

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  1. Anonymous 03/11/2013 at 7:42 pm

    Festive feaver has struck me too Michelle,love how Your halloween lamp turned out.xxxx

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