From sheep’s coat to a handbag !

As part of the Roscommon Lamb Festival this weekend there was a Sheep Shearing/knitting event.

The sheep were sheared

The wool was rolled

The wool was then spun

The wool was then knitted

And a couple of hours later made into a handbag!

There was lots of interest in the knitting which was great. Next year, I hope to have all the ladies from the knitting group join in …. you’ve been warned :o)

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  1. Anonymous 08/05/2010 at 8:53 pm

    Well-done , It was a great turn-out and a great day for anyone into wool/what to do with it , It was my first time to visit but next Year I might have the corage to join-in , Thanks to You , Irene C..(Roscommon)

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