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I …

I am: lucky in life but not so much in love
I think: too much
I know: how to get rid of slugs in the garden
I wish: I listened when you all said “he’s not worth it”
I hate: mobile phones
I miss: London
I fear: my cottage is being taken over by wool and material
I hear: Randy whining at the door looking for his dinner
I smell: the beautiful lilies I bought today in M&S and feel guilty about
I crave: coffee!
I search: online for a supplier of material in Ireland (that is not over priced!)
I wonder: why a friend removed me from Facebook
I regret: nothing
I love: my family, my mum especially, for teaching me how to sew and knit and do all the things I love and just for being her even though I constantly moan to her
I ache: after digging in the garden
I am not: worried about getting old
I believe: everything happens for a reason (like today I met a lovely lady who happened to have been to college I’ve been trying to find the details of).
I dance: all the time in my kitchen
I sing: in the car (loudly & badly)
I cry: at the slightest thing
I fight: for my beliefs
I win: on the lotto sometimes
I lose: sleep because I worry too much
I never: forget
I always: try to treat people the way I wish to be treated
I confuse: people a lot with my waffling
I listen: quietly (ok sometimes I but in)
I can usually be found: at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee by my side
I am scared: of death
I need: to be constantly amused
I am happy about: making the decision to move home to Ireland
I imagine: all sorts of stuff :o)
I waste: so much time online
I spend: most of my time pottering
I have: a great life
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