Guest Bloggers Wanted

Afternoon my lovely blogettes, how are you all today?

I’m freezing sitting here at my kitchen table – gutted that our summer has come to an end.  However on the plus side (there’s always got to be a plus side) I’m loving the excuse to curl up on the sofa by the fire with my crochet :O)

I’m also hoping that this weather will lure me back to my lovely blog.  I’m not sure if it’s the summer or my ipad that is mostly to blame!?  Oh and instagram and pinterest and …. everything else that sucks up my precious time!  I just bought a 2014 diary this afternoon and am already planning my New Year Resolutions/Vision Board and top of the list is to tackle time wasting.  I’m getting better since setting the alarm on my phone when online and the horrific €300 phone bill for going over my data limit (yikes).

How do you manage your time?  I think the fact that I work from home and that I don’t have an official start and end time makes me dilly dally a bit … ok a lot !  Whilst I love the freedom of working from home I am finding that I tend to dilly dally a little too much – time is money afterall!

Ok back to the guest blogging.

I’m looking to open up my blog to guest bloggers

I’m planning to publish one guest post on the 30th of each month here on my blog

In particular I am looking for people who are running a business with their craft full time.

So if you think this may be of interest drop me an email with a link to your blog and I will send you the interview questions.  Then, all you do is give me your answers, send me some pics and I’ll publish it for you. Don’t worry I’ll tell you when and we can sort out our links to and from one another’s blogs :O)

Any questions just leave a comment below or email me.

Thanks a mill!

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  1. Tilly Rose 10/09/2013 at 4:52 pm

    Hi Michelle
    i would love to be a guest blogger…I can't seem to get your link to your email to work.
    My email address is if you want to send any info over….
    My blog is Tilly Rose and here is a link to my FB page….

    Thanks x

  2. Pene 10/09/2013 at 6:11 pm

    Well I've packed away my summer clothes and dug out my jumpers and boots. It's amazing how quickly it's started getting cold! and dark!! Like you I find myself wasting too much time on the internet just "browsing", although at least I have unlimited internet so no massive bills thank heavens.
    Funny I saw 2014 diaries in Tesco today for the first time and dithered whether it was too early to buy one, next thing you know they'll have christmas stuff packing the shelves!
    Okay think it's cold enough for a hot chocolate now where did I put the marshmallows?

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