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New Blog Headeer

Feeling restless with my blog ... again So I thought I would give it a little makeover and decided to start with a new header [...]

2018-11-08T19:00:38+00:00October 1st, 2014|Categories: blog stuff|

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Afternoon my lovely blogettes, how are you all today?I'm freezing sitting here at my kitchen table - gutted that our summer has come to [...]

2018-11-08T19:00:46+00:00September 10th, 2013|Categories: blog stuff|

The Big Switch

Now that I have my new laptop I am finally catching up on long overdue blog posts, tutorials and all that behind the scenes [...]

2018-11-08T19:00:47+00:00August 1st, 2013|Categories: blog stuff|

Forgive me?

Hi allAre you still there?  Are you still reading?I'm sorry ... yet again for being a bad blogger of late. Is it just me or [...]

2018-11-08T19:01:01+00:00June 26th, 2012|Categories: blog stuff, me|