Have yourselves a Merry Merry Christmas

Well I’m all set!

The presents are wrapped

They’re all under the tree

They’re all red and white,

which is this years’ ‘theme’.

I can now relax

and enjoy christmas time

with chocalates and goodies

and a few glasses of wine :o)

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Fabulous New Year!

Don’t forget to keep all your old wrapping paper, ribbons and cards etc etc as we can make loads with all that for next year !!!

Michelle x

In the meantime here’s some pics from my cottage where I’ve been adding finishing touches to the decorations …

All my prezzis are wrapped with plain red wrapping paper (Ikea) and a roll of old wallpaper. Finished with various ribbons bought in New York last year and red and white felt star trimming from Lidl.

I’ll show you the prezzis I made in the New Year … can’t risk anyone seeing them on here !!

Labels are all made from scrap pieces of white card and polka dot rubber stamps.

I then covered the chair cushions by the tree and made a blind (finally) …

I couldn’t stop there – I then covered the seat pads on my kitchen chairs to keep in with this years’ theme. I think I may have gone a little over the top with the polka dots!

From this …

To this …

A little tip from me – k keep a spare bag of wrapping paper, sellotape and a selection of ribbons set aside for last minute prezzis – definitley worth keeping by the tree. Trust me, after so many last minut rushes to the shops for paper I’m going to make this a regular under my tree from now on!

Have yourselves a Merry Merry Christmas and I hope all your dreams and wishes come true in the New Year x

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