Nigella Nuggets

Before I go on with the nuggets the waiting is over … well for the time being. My op has been postponed until 6th of January :o)

So .. where was I? Oh yes Nigella nuggets. Don’t you just love Nigella? Well I do. I love her programme and her kitchen and all the fairy lights but most of all I love the way she describes food and cooking. It’s so camp, quirky, sexy, enticing and just fabulous!!!

Nigella’s Christmas was on BBC2 last night … she was making mince pies, a tagine and a girdle buster pie. Here is how she described some of the food and techniques … I was so taken I scribbled them all down on a piece of paper …

pour it gloopily and glossily”, “glistening like garnets”,

“cranberry studded”, “nirvanna for Noel”,

“crumbly nubbly chocalet biscuit”,

“festoon and adorn it”,

“seasonal sniffing of coriander”, “seasonal spirit lifting suppers”.

For those of you in the UK you can watch this on BBC I player, alas I can’t in the emerald isle :o( So for those of you outside the UK you can check out her website

One other thing she said which I think is sooooooooooooo true, especially regarding Christmas:

Too much of a good think can be wonderful” (Mae West)

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