Memorable Moments

I am loving the new Sainsburys ad.  Have you seen it?

I can’t find any version online just yet but I’m sure it will appear soon enough. The image above is from the Sainsbury’s website.  The ad is about how parents and youngsters can create memorable moments without having to spend lots of money.

It’s just lovely.

It took me back to the day my Dad made our first swing.  I can vividly remember watching him saw up the wood for the seat and then tie the most perfect knots with rope.  We hung it from a huge tree at the back of our house and had years of fun around that swing.  

It just shows you that you don’t need lots of money to create memorable moments.

I’m lost in memory land now thinking of other memorable childhood moments ..

Baking with my mum, sewing with my Nan, planting cabbages with my Grandad …..

There are so many!

What would be your memorable moments?  Would love to hear yours

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