Mid summer decorating

While most people are off on their jolly hollies I’ve been turning the cottage upside down and inside out.  It seems to have become a yearly thing.  As soon as the summer camps are over I’m in “let’s get ready for Christmas” mode and know that once August is over that’s it it’s busy season for me!!  So I always do my big jobs in August and this year it’s re-decorating the bathroom and kitchen.  The thought of it has been awful for the last few weeks but I started at the weekend, and with the help of my mum, launched into it with gusto.  
The bathroom was first, you can see the last update here when I added the wallpaper.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE that paper but, despite everyone’s warnings about this happening I ignored them and damp and mould set in (see top picture, top right hand side) and it had to come down so I could treat the walls properly.  
Even before it was down I planned to just buy the same paper again but once it was all removed I decided I’d go back to basics and live with it plain for a while.  

I painted it all white, this time I went totally crazy and opted for something other than Brilliant White.  I used Sail White by Crown Paints.  Wooo … living on the edge !!
I painted the skirting, window ledge and bath panel a light grey with paint I already had. 
I’m currently on the accessories.  I had this basket set that I liked for shape and size but not the colour so I thought I’d try painting it.  Just needs another coat but it’s looking good. 

I added a simple lace voile to the window as I’m lucky not to be overlooked so I can get away with that.

I’ll be back later in the week to show you progress as I got side tracked ….  In typical Michelle fashion I started another job before I finished one !!

I’ll show you the finished pictures hopefully by Monday :O) 
Have a great weekend peeps xx

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  1. Wendy 03/09/2014 at 4:29 pm

    It's going to look so pretty in white.

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