Oh baby it’s cold outside …

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr that’s what I said when I got up Sunday morning to go for a walk. I had to come back inside for a hat and gloves and it was then that I remembered my sis gave me her scarf a week or so ago and asked me to ‘do something’ with it as it had frayed. So .. when I got back from my walk I lit the fire, got my sewing machine out and basically didn’t leave the kitchen until Monday!

This was the scarf with it’s frayed edges …

This is how it ended up … I trimmed it with some scrap fabric and sewed on some sequins. I hope she likes it!

Of course I couldn’t stop there. On Saturday I went shopping and bought this lovely beret.

I couldn’t just leave it as it was, so I trimmed it with some braid I bought the other week and a fabric flower and big button. I LOVE it now and can’t wait to wear it but I think I’ll wait until nearer Christmas.

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