Sausages to points …

So it’s Friday …
in other’s words it’s My day …
no work, just me and whatever I want to do :o) Perfect!

Despite trying to watch my food and painfully count points in anticipation of the “little black dress” for Christmas I decided after my walk that I deserved this. I popped into town to the Farmers Market and tried (honestly I REALLY tried) to walk past the beautiful cakes and freshly made bread but alas the smell lured me in and I bought some crusty bread!! Look it’s bitterly cold out, those poor people on the stall were probably up at some on godly hour this morning baking that bread, their local people, we’re in a recession, it was for the community … come on I couldn’t just walk past and not buy anything. Ok … I’m weak but hey it was deeelicious.

I got home and curled up on my armchair with a cup of fresh coffee and a scrummy sausage, tomato sauce & mustard sanwich (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it) and some magazines … bliss.

Don’t you just love Fridays.

I do :o)

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