Oh I do like to be beside the seaside ….

Hi, I’m just back from Greece … well not just but I’ve been busy at work. Had a lovely time in Kalamaki on the island of Zante. Alas I didn’t see any turtles, apart from the one I made in the sand that is :o)

I read a fantastic book called “Divas don’t Knit”, Oh My God you’ve all so got ot go out and buy it, it’s fabulous!

I have to say the week away was great but I was itching to get home as I was coming up with so many ideas of things to make and do whilst lying on the beach. This week I’ve been busy setting up paypal accounts, etsy accounts and you name it I’ve been doing it. I would love love love to open a cute little shop in Roscommon or Galway and sell beautiful wools and material and maybe have a few tables with vintage china cups and serve tea and coffee and home made scones and cakes but I think I have to be realistic and face up to the fact that that is just going to be a little fantasy of mine for days when I’m on the train for two hours after a rubbish day at work. My IT job just pays too well. If I can stick with contracting and do a few months on and a few months off I pretty much have the perfect scenario :o)

Anyways here are a few pics from my hols:

This is me enjoying a glass of the local vino – I think it was Verdea.

On the beach promoting my website … :o)

Things to do with an empty yoghurt pot ….

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