Painting pegs

I’ve gone mad painting pegs! I just love them.

I started with a few for a sign I made for my friend’s little girl

And then I just got carried away!!

I know there’s not been many blog posts again, sorry! I am working on lots at the cottage and hope to share all with you soon.

Hope you are all having a lovely summer.

We had a couple of nice days last week which I took full advantage of and made this little nook in my garden

After a full day in the sun it was blissful to sit in the shade with a cold glass of vino and some nibbles

I also made a bit of a maze on my lawn. Lawn isn’t really the word, more like field it’s so large! I detest mowing the lawn so there was method in my madness. I can’t wait to see how it grows.

My friend’s little girl loves it

Right, I better get back to my painting

Have a fantabuloso Thursday x x

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