Devillylicious chocolate muffins

I promised my friend’s 9 year old that we would bake chocolate muffins one day this week. Of course I forgot, but was quickly reminded! I love the way kids never ever ever forget a promise :0)

So I gave him this book and said pick anything you like and we will bake it

He chose these beauties. I love baking with kids. I love all the questions and the curiosity about where things come from. Speaking of which what on earth is bicarbonate of soda made from?? Seriously. Why put something in a cake if you don’t know where it comes from. Perfectly valid question :0) Ok, I will put you out of your misery, the answer is

Not sure i really wanted to know that. Regardless, these bad boys really are devillylicious!! Oh so bad but oh so good.

I have to say I would probably omit the sugar in the frosting the next time I make them as it makes them very sweet.

Hmmmmm I think it might be time for a coffee break . . .

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