Dining alfresco

The weekend is finally here! Actually it’s half over but let’s not dwell on that.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that it is Sunday. My fav day of the week where I have a late brekki and veg out on the sofa, guilt free, watching Sunday Brunch on ch4. It seems to be a ritual of mine and has been for years. Do you have any weekend rituals??

I’ve had a really busy week working on my caravan (promise, pics will be coming soon) working on a few commissions, teaching some decoupage classes and yesterday I got to be a judge for the day.

If I had a euro for every time I was compared to Kirsty Allsop I would have been dining out in an expensive restaurant for sure! It certainly wasn’t like the shows Kirsty takes part in in her show. There are some wonderful crafts out there but this year it was disappointing to see almost 50% less children’s exhibits than last year. It’s such a shame. I know I am biased with regard to feeding kids creativity but I do think it’s incredibly important, especially now that kids spend so much time on computers and experiencing instant satisfaction. I hate seeing all these new apps that ‘draw’ and basically think for you. I loved entering things in the show when I was a kid, especially the cake section. I remember one disastrous clown made of Swiss rolls. No idea how I got on but I can remember spending a day making it! Ok I’m going on a bit so I’ll leave it at that :0)

After the judging I had a few commissions to finish and deliver so it was a busy day. It was also vey balmy so I decided to make the most of it and eat dinner alfresco.
I honestly felt like I was on holiday, bliss!

Right I better get back to some work now. Sunday Brunch is almost over so it’s time to get moving. I’m working on a lot of christmassy things at the mo. determined to be more organised this year! (famous last words!)

Have a lovely weekend x

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