The compromising caravan

For a long time now I’ve been going on about how my cottage is ready to burst and I am struggling with room for all my craft projects. One would love one’s own studio but one must face facts that sewing cushions and making dolls does not (yet) fund such extravagant projects. So one must compromise.

I have compromised with a caravan, most generously donated by my lovely neighbours I might add :0)

After what feels like 20 coats of paint it’s ready for finishing touches. What colour paint ? Um. Do you really need to ask!!

It’s currently being used to house all the signs I’ve been painting and a few other projects yet to be revealed. It’s perfect! The fact that I can go out there and do all my painting and then just close the door and ‘go home’ is such a treat. That has to be the toughest thing when you work from home, there is no divide between work and home. As it is my kitchen table is overhead in fabric and sketches for Christmas projects I am working on and the spare room is taken over with laptop, printer and card supplies.

I digress, as per usual!

I haven’t shared the other side as that’s full of unfinished projects but this little nook is perfect for when I fancy a little break from work.

The view is pretty stunning too . .

How do you separate work and home? Would love to hear your solutions.

Have a lovely day peeps x

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  1. Celestial Charms 20/08/2012 at 6:02 pm

    Hi Michelle,
    What an adorable caravan, and the perfect place to relax. How lucky your neighbor was willing to part with it.

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