Rudolph the black nosed reindeer

I got him!!

So excited!

So much so that I’ve left it over two weeks to show you all!?

In my defence the pics were taken on my boyfriend’s camera so I had to wait until he brought it over and then of course there was the whole palava of looking for the card reader adaptor thingmejig only to remember that my laptop has a built in card reader.  Doh!

Sorry for the poor quality of some of the pics.  I was shaking taking them as I got really close!  Actually, since these were taken I got even closer!!

Isn’t he gorgeous??

Between that and the making of christmas stockings and lighting the wood burning stove I’m feeling very festive here at the cottage.
Have you started your festive makes yet? 

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  1. Crafted by Carly 30/08/2012 at 4:33 pm

    Beautiful!!! It's amazing that you were able to get so close!

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