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Potato Stamped Christmas Cards – Day 1 Michelle Makes Christmas

So here it is … Day 1 of Michelle Makes Christmas

And yes, I’m back to Blogger.  I gave it a go with wordpress but I just don’t like it.  If ind it so clunky compared to Blogger.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been using this for 10 years now (yikes!!!)

So Michelle Makes Christmas.  What’s it all about?  Well it’s about me and my LOVE of Christmas and how, I feel, it’s the little touches that make Christmas just that little bit extra special.  Whether it’s a handmade card, a decoration or that extra something added to your cookies, all these little extras make Christmas extra special and I’m going to share with you my little extras in the run up to Christmas

Kicking things off I’m going to show you how to make some home printed Christmas cards using the humble potato.  No Irish/Potato jokes please.

For these cards you will need:
Blank Cards

Acrylic paint in your choice of colours
A knife
A cookie cutter
A pen

So what are we waiting for let’s get making.   Check out the video how to below.

So what did you think?  Hope you like them.  Sorry about my poor videos, this is all new to me so bear with while I learn on the go and hopefully improve as I go!!

I’d love to see your makes.  Share them on social media using the hashtag #michellemakeschristmas or leave a comment below.

If you have any requests for DIY videos let me know
You can also find me here, come say hellp 
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