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Green Cleaning Campaign

I’m super excited to announce that the Green Cleaning Life Hacks Campaign I have been working on with Roscommon County Council is going LIVE this week!

Green Cleaning Life Hacks VERT

This is what the filming was all about at the cottage a few months ago.  I was sworn to secrecy.  But the secrets’s out now.

mimar and mmt

As anyone who follows me knows I’m a bit of a wannabe 1950’s housewife and love all the old ways of doing things, particularly keeping house.  So when Suzanne from the Environment Agency at Roscommon County Council asked me to be their Green Cleaning Ambassador for this campaign sure I was only delighted.  I got to spend time researching and trying out ‘green cleaning’ recipes and feature in mini tutorial videos too!

measuring baking soda


Luckily I’ve already had a bit of experience with this as I appeared on the Four Live show on RTE a few years ago doing a segment on green cleaning.  Ironically out of all the pieces I did on the show this is the one I still get asked about.   Despite that I was very nervous doing the videos but the fact that they were filmed on location at my cottage helped.  Mike and Martina of Mimar Media helped too, they were a true dream team to work with!  There were a few giggles along the way with some moments that I think Holly Willoughby and Philip Scholfield would have really loved!


It seems a LOT of us like a bit of green cleaning.  But why aren’t we all doing it more?  I find there’s loads of interest but then people just don’t seem to act on it.  I know loads of people I’ve spoken to over the last few months who are fully aware of vinegar and baking soda being “great for cleaning” but when I’ve asked them how they use it most of them say they don’t. They know about it but still buy the shop bought cleaners.   This is something we would love to tackle with the Green Cleaning Life Hacks campaign.  We really want to encourage you all to “green clean” your homes. Why?  Well because of the benefits of course.  And they are?

1 – They work

2 – They are better for the environment and your health 

3 – They are cost effective



So what are we waiting for?  Are you keen to go green with your cleaning routine?  Well if you are make sure you follow Roscommon County Council’s facebook page for weekly videos on how to make and use your own green cleaning products.   If you don’t use facebook you can sign up to their mailing list for updates.  There will be a new video posted every Friday on their facebook page (giving you time to get your ingredients and try out the products over the weekend) and we would love if you would get involved and share your pictures or videos of you and/or your family making and using the products, on social media using the hashtag #rosgreencleaning  Likewise, if you have any tips yourself on how you “green clean” we would LOVE to hear from you.  You can leave a comment below or follow us on Facebook.  I will leave all the links at the end of this post.

mmt all purpose

There will be 5 fun and quirky video tutorials shared over the next few weeks, starting this Friday 15th September with an All Purpose Cleaner.  So follow the links below (for the social media you prefer to use) or sign up to the mailing list here.  Don’t forget to stock up on your baking soda, lemons and white vinegar, get cleaning and get sharing #rosgreencleaning

Roscommon County Council Facebook Page 

Roscommon County Council Twitter

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