So over 50 shades of Grey

I don’t know about you but I am in need of sunshine.  I’ve been oohing and ahhhing at all the “spring flower” pics on pinterest and suddenly thought “I wonder if the Greengate summer catalogue is out yet”.  And if by magic there it was!

So if you’re sick of the fifty shades of grey our sky is delivering, grab yourself a lemonade and sunscreen and feel the sun shining on your face as I give you some snippets of sunshine from Greengate’s Summer 2013 catalogue (Full version available here)

Ok just a little bit of grey before we move on … you’ve got to admit it’s pretty!!

Gosh I so want an ice cream van !!

How cute are the bunny rabbit candles.  I just know if I had them they would never get lit !

I can’t wait for my roses to start blooming.  
Come on Summer Sunshine, hurry up and head our way!   

Loving this bike that appeared in the catalogue.  I’ve been toying with some bike appliques and this has given me the push to get them finished.  As for the ducks …. toooooooo cute !!!

Hope that brought a little sunshine your way!

What do you do when you feel grey?  Would love to hear what helps you get through the grey January days.

M x

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