What have I been doing?

Sorry, the sun has been beaming so I’ve been in the garden every day.

The veggies are coming along a treat compared to a few weeks ago when it looked like this.

The girls are settled in and I’m getting 4 eggs everyday.

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to go out to your garden and get eggs everyday and OMG they are just soooooooo much nicer than bought ones. I’ve been baking lots just to use them up. Not sure if that’s a good thing really, for my waistline that is.

An Teach Ban has another new resident. Introducing Ruby.

She belonged to a lovely lady called Mary who has now moved back to the UK. Isn’t she gorgeous!

It’s a little chillier today so I’m finally catching up with emails. However I should really be doing the ironing. I got carried away when the sun came out and washed all my summer clothes just to make the most of being able to hang them out on the line! It’s my birthday on Wednesday too so I have quite a few lunches and nights out planned … in other words I don’t think I’ll be blogging until next weekend.

Have a lovely week everyone :o)

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  1. Moe 11/06/2009 at 11:36 am

    Hi Michelle!
    Happy birthday for tomorrow! Your cakes and biscuits look YUMMY! Good luck with the knit in public on Sat. I would love to go, but unfortunately I am doing flowers for a wedding so thats that!! Maybe next year! Anyway i'm sure you will havelots of lovely pics next week for me to drool over! Cant Wait! Moe

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