lightbulb moment?

One of my girls laid a rather strange looking egg the other day.Thank you to the wonderful worldwide web I've discovered that eggs and light [...]

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Hello Summer Sunshine!

What a lovely weekend!The sun was shiningthe birds were singing I spent my days in the garden digging, picking stones, pulling weedsand planting out lots [...]

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I can't believe it's almost been a week since my last post.  I've finally returned to college after such a long Christmas break.  This [...]

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Bad Badger!!

I've been full of New Year optimism this week but that has been tarnished a little after yesterday.  My lovely Miranda was taken by a nasty [...]

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The girls

I've had lots of emails lately asking about 'the girls'.I'm happy to say that they are doing great. Two of them (Samantha & Miranda) [...]

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